Doom, Gloom & Conspiracy Guy – A Common Thread

The doom and gloom guy. Everybody has that one guy in their office. Your probably not it. I looked at our demographics, we have more women than men, a diverse audience. A lot of managers and educated people read this site. You all know who I’m talking about the guy who paraded around for a year who said that Y2K was going to be the end of us. The U.S dollar is going to be worthless in 6 weeks, the world is going to end in December 2012. He tells friends “That Glen Beck” guy is onto something. To give himself credibility at work and in his social circle because he has little in either. To stand out because he is average everywhere else in life, he tells people that he has the inside scope on the future. Nobody else does… but he does. He’s the guy who emails this blog, considers himself equal to the original blog authors. It is the I’m not relevant or successful in any other walk of my life so I’m going to be the guy who sees the future before anybody else does. I may be a loser presently but I know the future. Every workplace has that guy. By the way if at any time during any conversation someone refers to “The World Order” excuse yourself immediately from that room.

A lot of conspiracy theories over the last 100 years in this country. Lock Ness monster, proven false. Big Foot, false. Roswell, false. JFK, it was a lone gunman go watch the history channel and not Oliver Stone movie. That is called FICTION ladies and gentleman. The drug legalization conspiracy theory.. nope.

Conspiracy theories are for guys who were awake at 3:20 in the morning, lets be honest about conspiracy theorist can we do that? Conspiracy theorist is a guy who is not as successful as he thinks he should be in life. So his life becomes a series of beliefs based on his personal failures. This manifests externally. My failures had to come from someone else like the government. It couldn’t be that he is just a loser or not as smart as he thinks he is. The truth is the Government is too big, corporations are too big for the truth not to get out.

Another BCS Mess.

Well it’s that time again this year — with another December argument — because it’s the natural ending place without a playoff. The beguiling thing about the BCS is that, year to year, you never know where it will spring a leak in logic. A system assigned an impossible task seemingly finds a new way every year to leave America unsatisfied.

Because I feel like possibly coming out of retirement and possibly starting to post again.. and really the only thing that pisses me off badly enough to break my long unposting streak is the BCS… here I am.