10 Hints that Your Girlfriend is PMSing…

1. She bursts into tears because she walked all the way to the mailbox and found out it was full of nothing but junk mail.
2. She tries on every single pair of pants in her closet before she goes to work, and throws every single one of them on the floor in a heap because they all make her look “fat.”
3. She calls you at 1 AM, wakes you up, and accuses you of not caring about her because you hadn’t called her in more than six hours.
4. Out of nowhere, she mentions that armed robbery could be justified if you’re out of cash and hungry for m&m’s.
5. You wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat because she has filled the bed with hot water bottles in July.
6. She asks you to go to the store to buy tampons, and when you start to protest, you actually see the devil pop up in the pupils of her eyes and give you a scared, intimidated shake of his head– silently suggesting that refusal could be a bad idea.
7. As you’re lying on the sofa watching t.v. with her, you gently try to brush a lock of hair out of her face and she yells “Stop it!” and kicks you in the head.
8. You ask her if she’s PMSing and she responds by throwing something sharp at you and screaming “Why the hell would you ask me that?!”
9. You ask her if there’s anything you can get her for her cramps and she answers by rolling into the fetal position and whispering, “Just tell whoever shoved a knife up my ass and is twisting it around to please stop.”
10. You come home to find her sobbing and for once, you actually didn’t do anything to cause it. ;-)

38 thoughts on “10 Hints that Your Girlfriend is PMSing…

  1. He won’t let *me* ask this question either… he gets very upset with me when I ask him to clarify what I am to him (just a friend, someone he wants to date, his girlfriend, etc…) and my asking that question almost always leads to him getting very agitated and telling me a few days later that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me… which is then followed by him apologizing and telling me he doesn’t really mean that. And that usually leads to me feeling insecure and I start to detach from him… it’s a very unpleasant cycle.

    We are better off when we don’t talk about things, and I just let him do what he wants to do without defining it. Last night, he got home, read my post, realized I was PMSing and came over to my place with the best chocolate truffles I’ve ever had, brought some movies, covered me with a blanket and let me fall asleep on him. Christopher can be the most amazing guy I’ve ever met and he treats me like a princess most of the time… so I’ve realized that if I want him to be happy (and I really do), I just can’t ever bring up our relationship. That’s really hard for me because I’m a person who likes to know where I stand with things all the time so that I don’t worry that I think we’re going one direction and he thinks we’re going another. When he’s ready to define whatever it is I am to him, I think he’ll let me know.

  2. She can ask all she wants (and she does).. it’s complicated.. did you people read that list above.. she thinks it is acceptable to throw sharp objects when she is PMSING why do you think I brought truffles??? I also have developed a “secret” (not so secret because she has figured it out) tea that puts her to sleep right away so if she is sketchin out I just have to convince her to have some tea and she is zzzzzzz zzzzzzz after a few minutes.

  3. Hey Christopher cool thing with the truffels and all :) , that was really sweet. Btw Christine is there any safe way do #8 without getting stabbed (for instance…) or do we just get the clues.

  4. Don’t waste your time, Haas… he will NEVER admit he did anything just to be a cool guy. But the truth is… he did want to do it because there is a teensy weensy part of his ice-cold Grinch heart that likes taking care of me and seeing me smile. But he’s not lying about that tea thing… I think he discovered it by accident when I drank it one night and fell asleep really quickly. Then, I think he experimented a few times because he would make the tea, give it to me, and then say, “Are you tired?” Now, he’s added it to his stash of weapons…LOL.

    And Haas… believe me, us girls don’t like PMS any more than you guys do… if we could eliminate it, we would. But since that doesn’t seem to be in the cards any time soon, I suggest you just learn to duck and slip when impalement-capable objects come flying your way. ;-)

  5. Just a thought… Considering all the stabbing and all… will sliting the throat be considered mercy killing (thats still better than killing for pleasure I guess). Btw how come no option for both goin to heaven :P

  6. Good question, Haas. We have to ask Christopher that, because he came up with the choices for the voting… I only came up with the question. And your idea of a mercy killing is interesting… the boy is obviously in misery (which he attributes to being with me for some unbeknownst reason)… so yes… I think I could convince a jury of that. “It was the only humane thing to do…” ;-)

  7. omg this is sooo funny…gonna show it to my fiancee. I hate even more …when they go “Is it that time of the month!?!” No genius I just thought Id be pisses off and cry for no reason just for shits and giggles lol. Men can be so smart and then when it comes to things like this so SILLY!

  8. My wife has had fewer than 10 periods in 10 years.
    Mind you, she’s been pregnant and/or nursing for most of that… ;)
    I have to admit, though, having kids who adore you and are as great as mine are is certainly better than dealing with a cramping, whinging, contentious wife every month.

  9. yeah but ben you had a hormonal wife for 9 months at a time… i think my hunny would take a week of lunacy every month over 9 solid months of it lol

  10. So you keep your wife impregnated so she won’t whine… damn… her whining must have been really, really bad. I think most guys would prefer just bringing over the truffles and dodging the sharp objects. LOL!

  11. Actually, my wife is radiant and beautiful during pregnancy. She loves being pregnant. She is a naturapath, so she knows what foods and herbs to take to reduce her morning sickness. Did I mention that she loves being pregnant? :)
    Aside from being a little tired and needing some assistance lifting, she takes care of herself during pregnancy. It’s only the first month or so and the last couple weeks that I notice an additional load of care that she needs.
    She is so radiant and happy, glowing with health and vitality, brimming with love and caring when she’s pregnant. :) I’ve yet to experience the “hormonal wife” during pregnancy.

  12. There was a time when the fantasies in my mind allowed me to ply those waters…
    …but lately…
    …do you remember the dying pac-man sound? ;)

  13. Isn’t it Avatar, not Gravatar? Or do we just add whatever consonant blends we feel like to the beginning of words anymore?

    I’m surprised Christopher is looking for a woman who is radiant and loves to be pregnant… he’s already warned me that if I ever got pregnant, he’d be out the door faster than I can count to ten…

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    you complete assholes you have bad times just as much as girls do did you ever think about how when your horny your probability the same thing and they put up with you.Ok I a girl should tell you something if your girlfriend is PMSin’ DON”T ASK it will tick her off trust me on that.if you need help camming her give her tea (c) ,flowers (f) ,or her fav gift (g).call her (t) if she gets all cling-ey.Oh and no mater what she does well PMSing remember it WILL pass and when it does she’ll LOVE YOU for putting up with her (l).OH one more thing never ever tell her how hard it was to put up with her when PMSing.
    need more help e-mail me I don’t care I’ll help you out

  16. Omfg I Was fighting with my cuz and I got tired of it so I asked her if she was PSMin and she shut up hut back to the point I told my bf about it and he was like WTF is pmsin I said u don’t know?!?! He said no but I will when u tell me! I said psm=Pre-Menstrual Syndrome basicly when a girl gets all moody and headache ect before her period and he was like ohhhh ok we don’t say that from were I’m from an that I asked what do y’all say he said nothing we don’t talk about that stuff and I like broke out laughing because I could not belive that he didn’t know or use tht term than he asked me if I was pmsin I was like WTF NO!!!! than he said yes u r bunny(my nickname that he calls me) than we got into that like yes no yes no yes no lmfao but it all ened well with him getting me a prezzy

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