10 Traits of the Perfect Woman 2007

Original Version 1920′s
1. Fidelity
2. The recognition of the supreme importance of love
3. Intelligence
4. Beauty
5. A sense of humor
6. Sincerity
7. An appreciation of good food
8. A serious interest in some art, trade or hobby
9. An old-fashioned and wholehearted acceptance of monogamy
10. Courage

Christopher’s Version 2007
1. Deep throat skills
2. A Southern accent
3. Likes to cook
4. Keeps a clean house
5. Kinkiness
6. Intelligent and can hold a conversation on most subjects.
7. Loves football.. preferably Penn State Football
8. Beauty.. hot.. HOTNESS
9. Enjoys an occasional Ménage à trois with the cute neighbor girl.
10. A sense of humor ;)

6 thoughts on “10 Traits of the Perfect Woman 2007

  1. I’m revising the list to the top 10 essential qualities for a woman to have for longevity in putting up with Christopher (and these ARE in order, btw)

    1. Patience
    2. A sense of humor
    3. Patience
    4. Indifference toward how many people he offends on a daily basis
    5. Ability to tune out when he’s droning on about tech stuff without him realizing I’ve zoned out
    6. Openness to trying new things because you never know when the computer he fixed for you will be loaded with a bunch of programs you have no idea how to use
    7. The ability to sacrifice your desire to cook anything but potatoes, meat, and cheese when you’re making dinner for the both of you, even when you are craving something healthy
    8. Patience
    9. A brain that automatically switches the incorrectly spelled words to their correct counterparts when you read his writing
    10. The ability to not let your feelings be hurt when he obsesses over how hot girls with southern accents are even though you don’t have one, and other guys that aren’t dating you are telling you how hot they think you are, but you can’t bring that up because Christopher has an adverse reaction to hearing that other guys might be attracted to you unless they directly tell him they think he has a hot girlfriend
    11. Patience
    12. Oh wait… this was only supposed to be 10, right… oops

  2. Chris… You have a super hot girlfriend man…

    Oh, and I knew thew weren’t in order. If so my #7 would be my #1, and your #9 would be my #2, #1 would be #3 and #8 would be #4… Now I’m confused…

  3. So what you’re saying Christine is you’re a really patient woman. Did I get that right?

    Chris, you’re right about Southern girls. They are hot with great voices. I should know I live in SC most of my life.

  4. Among other things, Ben2, I guess I am… either that, or I like to tackle projects and challenges I have no chance of succeeding at… which would then make me, instead of patient, just an idiot… ;-)

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