Soccer Girls…

As if I have ever needed reasons to sing the praises of soccer… ahhh soccer girls.. gotta lovem. These pics were probably for an ad, I’m not sure what they are selling but I’m sold…let me count up the pluses… 1. soccer, 2. girls, 3. asians, 4. mud… umm ya that is some solid marketing.

Christine Say’s Honesty is the Best Policy…

Christine and I like to have the debate about honesty.. I tell her she is free to lie to me all the time if she thinks it is in my best interest… and I’m pretty lucky because she listens to my advice all the time. However she doesn’t like this idea.. so I’m always forced to tell the truth and a lot of times our conversations go like the one you will see in this video. I am submitting this video as evidence that sometimes honest isn’t the best policy. Click on the link and enjoy.

Honesty as a Policy

Austrians Follow In Americans’ Footsteps: Lose Sense of Humor

The epidemic of political correctness has seemingly jumped the Atlantic and is taking shape in Vienna, Austria as Austrians, like their American counterparts, watch their sense of humor flushed down the toilets.

Marianne Lackner, media spokesperson for the Vienna Department of Women’s Affairs, publicly stated that the department found “[them} tasteless, misogynistic and offensive.” What was she referring to? Urinals.

Now personally, I’m not a big fan of urinals either. I never understood them really… they look like sinks with rubber, holey stoppers in the drain part, and they don’t smell so good. But what’s got a group of people in Vienna all up in a dither are the urinals at a lavishly decorated public restroom that featured urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth. Apparently– and I wasn’t able to see pics– the urinals show lipsticked lips, teeth, and a red tongue.

Despite that the urinals have been there for about 3 years, and this hostile reaction came very suddenly, the owner agreed to have the urinals removed.

So I guess the question becomes… how exactly are painted urinals mysoginistic? Does exposure to the urinal turn little boys into sexists? When a man is faced with a dispute with a female colleague at work, does he think back to the painted urinal and decide not to take her seriously? Do normal, well-adjusted men with healthy sex lives suddenly decide to pee in womens’ mouths because the painted urinal encouraged it?

Hrmm… I’m guessing the answer is no.

And so there we have it… another “pro-women” group deciding to hurt their own cause by turning something that was just funny and creative into something that somehow implies that men are trying to degrade women. The truth is… men don’t see it that way… they see it as something interesting to look at as they pee. And I can’t speak for all, but I’m guessing most women don’t see it that way either… why in the world what I care what men are looking at as they whip out their dicks and wizz, standing side by side, in a public restroom? As long as I don’t have to be there to witness any of that, I’m happy.

I’m not suggesting that misogyny doesn’t exist, or that we don’t need groups that help promote women’s success and acceptance, but this is just not the way to do it. It almost seems that the bigger issue of promoting equality is just too daunting of a task, so they decide to target innocuous little things (like urinals), make them into a big deal, threaten a few lawsuits, and then pat themselves on the back for what they’ve accomplished. I’d rather see them focus on real issues that affect women: under-funded breast cancer research, better programs for working single mothers, education highlighting women’s contributions around the world. Urinals are the last of my worries.

But alas… unfortunately, we live in an ultra Politically Correct society, where everything– no matter what it is– offends someone. And since somewhere along the line, being offended gave you a legal right to sue whomever offended you– it looks like we’re setting trends for our European friends that may very well bite them in the ass later on. Whatever happened to… “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it?” If you’re offended by porn, don’t look at it. If you’re offended by our blog, don’t come back and visit it. If you’re offended by urinals… oh wait… I guess women can’t look at those anyway. Stop legislating your opinions and forcing them on everyone else because you feel you have some sort of calling or agenda. Relax. Don’t take everything so seriously, and I promise, the world will be a better place.

Check Out Our Newest Design!

So those of you with experience commenting on our site have probably noticed that my boy Christopher has redesigned it again– and and awesome job he did do…

The boy is talented and he worked hard on this one (still finding time to take me out, buy me a birthday gift, and put in a few sessions between the sheets), so give him some props. ;-)

I’ll give you a quick little tour of the features of the new and improved Chrisvschris v.1.3…

1. Click on the logo and it takes you to the home page (and our most recent posts).

2. You can choose your own background! Super cool! Look for the colored boxes at the lower end of the left column and click on one. Your background will change… Christopher loves that one of the male stick figure holding down the female stick figure and licking her face (he thinks it’s equally funny when he does it to me in real life… notice that the female stick figure has a disgusted look on her face?)

3. The search field works perfectly!

4. You can read the entire post without clicking a “read more” link and moving to a new page. No more excerpts. Less clicking means less chance of our readers developing painful carpal tunnel syndrome– we’re all about your health and comfort, guys. ;-)

5. I’m pretty sure this one works in IE. The last one didn’t… Christopher may need to confirm that…

Anyway, we got a lot of new posts coming– hopefully they’ll make you laugh– so welcome back!

A Comment on Names and the English Language

Okay, listen. Someone had to finally freaking say it, so I’m going to. Just because you decide to spell your plain old mundane name in some f’d up new way, does not make you unique or special. Granted, if your parents were idiots and decided to name you “Jeremy” but spell it “Jeramey” or “Jerrimee” or “Jarime” then you do get a few points on the sympathy scale for having ignorant parents. But if you, yourself, on your own, are willingly fucking with the spelling of your own name just to be different, or clever, or because you’ve recently come out of the closet, declared you’re gay, and want some sort of re-birth, then shut the fuck up.

Just because it is your name, does not mean you own the word. Rules of the English language still apply. There are still such things as the “silent e,” “short vowels,” and “diphthongs.” “Stephanie” is not “Stefanni.” “Jason” is not “Jaysun.” “Tyler” is not “Tielar.” “Susan” is not “Sue-sun” (unless you’re Korean and then it’s okay).

The truth is… no one cares if you spell your name “different” than everyone else. Women aren’t going to like you more. Potential bosses aren’t going to think you stand out in an interview because your resume sports a double “e” when most people spell the same name with an “ie.” You aren’t going to get a record deal because of it. Your byline won’t be more popular. And you it won’t get you into the NBA. So just freaking stop. In the name of all that is good and righteous, stop. Spell your name the way it was supposed to be spelled since the point of having a systemized language and literate society is to enhance communication– let people read it easily, pronounce it correctly, and you can work on finding another way to make your mark in life.