Broken Theories

I thought I would do my part to argue PJ’s point of view for once.

Broken theories

11 thoughts on “Broken Theories

  1. I thought I would do my part to argue PJ’s point of view for once.

    Sheez, it’s about time someone argued on my behalf! ;)

    Btw, Christopher, you forgot to add something to the table about Bill Self and the Jayhawk basketball team — don’t they control the Kansas educational system??

  2. They do except I’ve always been a Big Jayhawk fan.. so I gave them a pass. Additionally we both know most of the players on that team aren’t a product of the Kansas public educational system! (Some are black and I don’t think there are any black people in Kansas).

  3. Chris — why are your comments showing up in green now instead of blue? The post has a blue background, but this is the second or third time I’ve noticed a comment coming out with a green (generic) background.

  4. OK, in light of Christopher’s gesture to argue my point, I would like to return the favor — <a href=””here is the photographic evidence of evolution on earth.

  5. Double crap!!

    It was supposed to point to the moving rocks of death valley (you know, as an “example of evolution” — get it??) ANYWAY… Christopher’s blog software is far too superior for my limited http coding abilities and it immediately recognized (on its own) that I am, in fact, a tits man, so it pointed the link to another post… I think we’re bordering on artificial intelligence (the blog, not me!) here…

    so… maybe it IS about “evolution” anyway! ;)

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