Check Out Our Newest Design!

So those of you with experience commenting on our site have probably noticed that my boy Christopher has redesigned it again– and and awesome job he did do…

The boy is talented and he worked hard on this one (still finding time to take me out, buy me a birthday gift, and put in a few sessions between the sheets), so give him some props. ;-)

I’ll give you a quick little tour of the features of the new and improved Chrisvschris v.1.3…

1. Click on the logo and it takes you to the home page (and our most recent posts).

2. You can choose your own background! Super cool! Look for the colored boxes at the lower end of the left column and click on one. Your background will change… Christopher loves that one of the male stick figure holding down the female stick figure and licking her face (he thinks it’s equally funny when he does it to me in real life… notice that the female stick figure has a disgusted look on her face?)

3. The search field works perfectly!

4. You can read the entire post without clicking a “read more” link and moving to a new page. No more excerpts. Less clicking means less chance of our readers developing painful carpal tunnel syndrome– we’re all about your health and comfort, guys. ;-)

5. I’m pretty sure this one works in IE. The last one didn’t… Christopher may need to confirm that…

Anyway, we got a lot of new posts coming– hopefully they’ll make you laugh– so welcome back!

10 thoughts on “Check Out Our Newest Design!

  1. I wanted to give a shoutout to Nik Iliadis on this design because without his inspiration I would have probably been languishing in K2 or Kiwi hell. This site is designed off his very popular and very well coded Vistered Little theme, however every day that goes by it will fall father and farther from his excellent starting design.

  2. This is a hell of a modification, I like it. Right now theres no real way to set a default wallpaper, but you may want to check out Tom Howards version of vistered here. He added quite a bit and fixed a good number of my bugs. Whenever I get the time to finish 2.0, it will be based on his version of the code, not mine.

  3. NiK,

    Thanks a ton that was very useful I rewrote the code for this site today incorporating the newest version of your code. Still a couple bugs to quash but then it will be all good. Thanks again.

  4. I love the male stick figure on the female stick figure one. Is that pic public domain ? Not that I want to use it on my blog, it would just make a cute Valentine’s Day wallpaper spoof for my better half.

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