Flights, Fast Food, and Getting Fucked

When you’re over a barrel, knowing you’re about to be f’d up the ass… I gues the best thing to do is ask to be handed the Vaseline. That’s sort of how I feel about trying to find something to eat when you’re marooned in an airport, serving “time” as you wait for a connecting flight. Fuck this supply and demand bullshit… this is all about greed. And my question is this: Why does a Big Mac value meal cost $3.49 everywhere in the country– regardless of the minimum wage or cost of living in each respective state, yet somehow the “value” of the same second-rate, shitty hamburger, greasy fries, and fountain soda (which consists of half a cent’s worth of syrup mixed with carbonated water in a paper cup that’s mostly filled with ice) suddenly skyrockets to $6.85 in an airport? Where’s the “value” in that? Quite frankly, that pisses me off.Do they think we’re stupid? Do they think we don’t know how much the 40 billion other people being served all over the country are paying for their Big Macs? They don’t even try to hide the fact they’re raping us. I’d have more respect if they were just honest and put up signs that said…

“We know you’re hungry and in a hurry to catch your flight. Because you are essentially captive in this ariport without opportunity or means to purchase food anywhere else, we’ve decided to use that to our advantage and charge you double what you’d normally pay for the same crap-ass food if you were not in such dire straights. Thank you for your patronage.”
~The McDonalds Corporation

By the way… we don’t pay our employees any more than we would if they worked at a location outside the airport where they didn’t have to park a mile away, take 2 shuttles, and go through security checkpoints just to come to work. So, yes, they’re getting fucked too. Please come again.I would also hope that they’d have this sign in Spanish, too.
And I guess as long as they don’t charge extra for the vaseline, I guess we’ll all continue to stand in line at the barrel, uh.. er… I mean… counter.

8 thoughts on “Flights, Fast Food, and Getting Fucked

  1. Hmm… first off fuck the mexicans. Since your well aware of the fact that your going to get raped when you visit the airport.. maybe you should bring some snacks in your duffle. ;) Then again.. don’t let her kid you.. she actually loves taking it in the ass.

  2. Mexicans are not the only people who speak Spanish, Christopher. But with that said, I am happy he listened to me the other day (and learned something) when I explained the Mexicans do, indeed, speak Spanish… he thought they spoke “Mexican.”

  3. Just spotted this thread a second ago. Dublin Airport charge ?5.40 for a big Mac meal. The same price as every single McDonalds in Ireland. It seems to me like American McDonald’s like to rip off Tourists in places like airports!! Anyway the Mexican’s should be charged $50us [-( !!
    Thomas from Ireland on a Sweedish computer!

  4. This is one post I probably never would have saw if it wasn’t for an anonymous tip, but in fact christine is wrong on the prices of value meals around the country…fo fact I’ve been to NYC many times, and the McD’s downtown by the empire state building actually charges damn near $6 for the 2 cheesebrger meal.. needless to say I waited till I got back to the hotel to eat better food for the same price.
    Location, supply and demand, it’s a motherfucker! But as it is airports are there to rape us for everything they can…and the question why? Answer: because they can, as u said we are prisoners there until we take off.

  5. i haven’t eaten any fast food with the exceptiuon of taco bell 5x on drunk nights, and wendy’s in a pinch on a road trip. in 4 yrs. I’m doing fine not eating that garbage! was just an fyi for everyone ! haha

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