13 thoughts on “I Would Pay for Christine to Have This Enhancement Surgery..

  1. And yet, when I don’t talk, he bitches about “why are you being so quiet??? I don’t like it when you don’t talk!” Poor boy. Can’t make up his mind… but I’m not worried… he doesn’t even take me out to dinner, I doubt he’ll spring for this. Looks expensive. ;-)

  2. i was gonna say…wait a minute if you have that done…then Christopher will complain about something else that will be lacking …ya know what i mean!?!

  3. There is no PRO to this… trust me. Everything I’d be unable to say about the fact my mouth is zipped, would be building up in my mind and then the moment he unzipped it, it would all come tumbling out… he’d want that baby zipped forever. ;-)

  4. That might very well be true, I told her today at dinner that I didn’t want to hear how she wanted to pay for dinner period, end of discussion, so she then say’s ok, well then “I won’t tell you that I wanted to pay for dinner because…” she just can’t help herself.. she needs to talk or she is unbalanced.

  5. LOL! Yeah… that actually did happen. But that’s what you get when you keep “shushing” me when I’m trying to explain something. You force me to find an alternate way of saying it. ;-)

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