Pandora’s Jar

Was messing around on the net the other day and while listening to music on Pandora and I kept hearing this song I really liked.. but I was feeling wait to lazy to open up bittorret or limewire.. and i was thinking would it just be so cool if the music was being automatically downloaded to my computer… (since I can mark the songs that I like, I could then take that list go back and delete all the garbage I didn’t like)… so I took 5 minutes and did a search.. and I found Pandora’s Jar over at Hak.5 basically this simple little program runs on your local server and records and organizes everything your hearing as your hearing it. It doesn’t even require you to listne to the whole song because the song is buffered on your computer well before it finishes playing. It look a lot like this.. (not that i would know) ;) Serouisly tho, if you dig Pandora… this hack along with the Foxy Tunes plugin for firefox are two must haves.

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10 thoughts on “Pandora’s Jar

  1. Nice Chris Big props to you on this one… This will save me countless minutes or hours trying to get songs soem other way. i was hoping something like this existed. :d

  2. Thank You Thank You, I do my best work when Christine is in Palm Springs.. it’s remarkable what can be accomplished when there is silence… j/k Christine ;) I miss ya.

  3. aJ,

    I’m not really sure if this is actually illigal.. it hasn’t gone to court yet, and it’s very similar to recording a song off the radio, or a show with your vcr.. both things that have been ruled acceptable because of fair use.

  4. If you read the “read me” file it says it’s perfectly legal. it’s just like a DVR where you record it to watch it later. here same thing you record it to listen to at a later time.

  5. It’s Ok AJ we still like you ;) It actually goes on to protect itself further by explaining that it is illegal to use the songs to sell, make cd’s etc. etc. It basically says to record the song listen to it at your leisure then delete it when done. Which is based the same premisis as DVR/TIVO.

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