Prednisolone Acetate Ophthalmic Suspension USP

My fucking eye.

How does it break in a way that an eye doctor can’t really tell me what is wrong with it exactly yet can prescribe the medicine that will fix it… but only if you can actually survive taking the medicine.

This is how this ordeal started about 25 days ago..

Doctor: So Chris basically your eye has been like this for a month but you ignored it…
Me: Ya.. u know.. no big deal.. but I promised my mom I would get it checked out so here I am… I’m sure I’ll live.
Doctor: Your eyes are a big deal you need to come in when you have a problem.
Me: I really didn’t think it was a big deal.. sore eye.. and it woud hurt for two days and then go away for three.. so most of the time it was ok.
Doctor: Well there is nothing really “wrong” with the eye.. just some chemicals off, you need to do these eye drops ever 4 hours for 10 days.
Me: Sounds easy enough thanks doc.

Now.. I know that doctor just had to have had an evil grin on as I walked out his door.. Over the next few days I took the medicine.. following the same routine religiously… shake bottle for 30 seconds drop 1 and only 1 drop of liquid into your eye. Do not wear your contacts while dropping the liquid in. Now I knew there was something strange about this medicine when after the first day I woke up feeling like a train ran over me, but Christine assured me I was imagining that this medicine was poisoning me and that I neeeded to just stop being a whinny bitch and take the drops.. I agreed.. I made it about 4 days into the whole process.. my eye felt great.. but I just couldn’t handle the medicine anymore.. I didn’t care what Christine said.. this medicine was like swallowing a glass of nails laced with strict-nine.. so I took my chances quit with the medicine and hoped the eye was cool.

Three days later my eye was back to being flawed… and I was reaching a new level of irritation.. there were no acceptable choices.. return to the medicine that is obviously giving me cancer at a profound rate.. visit the doc and make him give me something new.. which with my schedule is just unacceptably pain in the ass, or just forget about the eye and deal with it being broke 40% of the time. I’m not sure if it was logic or just pure stubborness but I decided to give the medicine another try.. this time I was like.. ok this shit can’t hurt me… HAH… I made it exactly 7 days.. (the min required).. my voice is gone, my throat is raw like I turned it inside out and slide down a gravel hill on it… I was the grumpiest fucking dude on the planet for 7 days. I mean I wanted to inflict horrible pain on flowers… I avoided Christine so I wouldn’t need to explain my violent and sudden fits of rage.. and I swear I was like one of those walking commercials. Take this eye drop to fix your slightly broken eye.. in the process we will fuck you up mentally, physically and emotionally. Now maybe I was allergic.. maybe this medicine is just nasty.. but you take it THROUGH YOUR EYE how bad can it be RIGHT… RIGHT? Well folks it no fucking visine eye drop that’s for sure. I’m not sure if anybody is a doctor but the active ingrediants are Prednisolone Acetate 1.0% and Benzalkonium Chloriade 0.01% I can’t remember my chemistry but seriously those sound like two chemicals that can be mixed to create a bomb…. so here I am.. about 5 days after finishing the medicine for the second time.. so far the eye is good.. my voice hasn’t return completely and my throat hurts but I think things are returning to normal… but I’m not really sure but I do know that if the eye breaks again.. I can pretty much promise it’s going to stay broken until it decides to fix itself this time.

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  1. Wow… I can’t believe he actually posted on this one. I’ll add my two cents… ;-)

    1. Thank God he made a concerted effort to avoid me while he was taking the medicine because I can attest that he was in a really foul mood.

    2. Initially, he told me his eye was messed up because he was allergic to my cat (Meisha). I knew that was bullshit. I told him to go to the doctor and wash his pillows (which he finally did about two weeks after I mentioned it). I also suggested that maybe he replace his contacts that he’s been wearing for almost three years! He just hates going to any doctor and thinks his body will magically cure itself.

    3. At first, I did call him a whiny ass little bitch for complaining so much about the medicine. Especially when he told me that the eye drops were making him lose his voice and burning his throat. I told him that I thought maybe it was a virus that was affecting both the eye and throat at the same time… but after he looked it up on the internet, I guess the eyes and throat really are somehow connected.

    4. The medicine was really bad though. So I told him to go back to the doctor and tell him that he needed an alternative that didn’t mess him up so bad. Christopher, of course, wouldn’t go back because he hates doctors.

    5. So anyway… the boy doesn’t really listen to my advice and therefore, he gets what he gets. I really think this whole ordeal could have been minimized or avoided all together. But it’s up to him to do whatever he wants, and I’m glad he chose to finally finish the medicine and I’m glad his eye is better because it was pretty bad. But the attitude about it fixing itself if it breaks again… hrmmm… it seems like that’s maybe what got him into the predicament to begin with. Just a thought…


  2. Ouch Christopher.. That is one bad ass ordeal. Hope you get better soon.
    Btw, 3 years of using the same contacts is really bad for the eyes. They can cause severe infections in the eye! Maybe you should change them and your eye might get better!

  3. actually i agree with chris on this one i think cats carry some nasty shit with them. I hooked up with this girl one time, i woke up in the morning with some nasty ass infection that is 4x worse than pink eye. The eye was fused shut from puss leaking out while i slept. Why don’t you try wakeing up to an eye that wont open at all. Thinking i went blind in my eye i starting hyperventalating, and erupting in a rage. I got to the bathroom and managed to get my eye open. I drove home fortunately it was only about 7 miles. Took a shower and went to the eye doc. at wal-mart since its a sat and nothing else is open. Regardless i had to take an script, and eye drops 3x a day for 7 days. Whatever it was on a scale of 1-10 pink eye is a 3 this shit was a 7.

    I feel your pain bro. I hope it never comes back! If it does get another script! :-?

  4. Haven’t you learned that you should wear an eye-condom to prevent that kind of stuff, Keith? At least you had the fucking sense to go to the doctor! That’s more than I can say for Christopher. ;-)

    But your’s sounds way worse than his ever was too… maybe if Christopher’s eye was glued completely shut with pus, he might be a bit more proactive. ;-)

  5. I agree.. That was a good decision to go Keith. Eyes are something I never take any risks with. IMO, they are far too important and fragile :(

  6. This topic is right up my alley since I work in the legalized drug business (I work in a pharmacy).Prednisolone opth solution is a steriod that is used to heal allergic and inflammatory eye conditions. This drug should be used with caution if you have fungal, herpes, or viral infection of the eye. Possible side of the drug, which are RARE, are: watery eyes, glaucoma,optic nerve damage,gradual blurring, reduction, or loss of vision, eye pain, nausea,vomiting. None of the symptoms Chris said are indicated in the warnings. Who knows, he could be the odd ball and have a reaction that no one in the world ever had to the med. I agree with christine that is was probably something different that hit the same time as the infection.

  7. Sry Christine I was wasn’t expecting a hook-up, and we were both fresh out ofeye condoms at the moment. had to take the risk ya know ;) Heh and aj i agree 100% I eyes are too fragile, and i don’t screw around when one of mine is working properly. [-( Sounds like you lucked out chris considering the side effects you had. maybe it was some other ailment you came down with coincidently at the same time. Or like you said perhaps it was just your herpes flareing up again? :-w

  8. LOL Christine you would think that, but it turns out this is the chick that went psycho on me and started ripping my windshield wipers off my ride! :-w

  9. Hey Christopher.

    Hows your eye acting up? I have the same condition, it seems and Am taking those Hell Drops too. Did you know they cause Cataracts and Glaucoma too if you use them more than a few weeks? Ive been using them for 4 weeks and already show signs of cataracts. I guess the cure is worse than the disease. I just wish I knew or the doctor knew what I have. You see, nobody knows what I have or what is causing it. Stupid Doctors, shitty medicine. And they call it a Science.

  10. Yes I just did a search and found your page because I too have been prescribed the horrid eye drops! I’ve only been on them 3 days and it’s weird! I’m not sure if I feel drunk a little or dizzy or what but it’s definately not normal chemistry in my body right now. Plus my eye lids are swollen now and it made my lower tummy swell out so I look 4 months preg! I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep going on this crazy stuff! I was online trying to look up the side effects! Steroids are a strange thing… and my Doc. wants me to be on these drops for a whole month! I might turn into a man by then or something!

  11. Thanks Amanda, I thought I was losing my mind! After some heavy-duty eye surgery, my dr. prescribed this stuff for 45 days. The first week was okay, then suddenly my lower stomach blew up like a balloon, followed by on-again, off-again severe pain from the chest down. I just spent my second night sitting up in
    a chair to help ease the pain, & decided this morning to find out what kind of side
    effects this med can inflict on the body. Of course the drug co. doesn’t list anything like this, but we know!

  12. javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(‘:o’)
    o I can’t believe what I am reading. I was on the drops for 2 weeks and I hated taking them because they were nasty tasting. I started with indigestion and pain from the chest down. I lost over 15 pounds and went through a battery of tests to find out nothing. At first they thought it was my gallbladder and 4 tests later they said it could possibly be the eye drops. My eye is finally better after a 2 month ordeal but I still have not been given the go ahead to wear my contacts. My contacts are 14 day use and I am really good about that.

  13. I got a piece of notecard sling shotted at me was on that stuff for a week at once every two hours just today the doctor said for saturday and sunday i only do it 4 times a day then mon ahd tues twice a day and wed and thurs once a day then im done

  14. I’m on the eye drop i started taking the medicine in oct 06 and then oct 07 i had the chest pain and the blown up stomach it started in the left eye and in the right eye after seeing different doctors they all say the same thing that they dont know what it comes from but take the medicine and hope that it cures the eye, I was told that it will recure again i’m tired of paying eye doctors and nothing is working i have had blood work done to see if its something else wrong and they found nothing, i was told by one eye doctor it was a form of early arthritis. i took an antibiotic for an ear infection i notice it went away but it came back.

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  18. ;( idk i have those drops at my house i desided not to take them and i looked them up first i guess thats why the bottle was still full whos ever they were couldnt stand them…
    i just hope my eyes does fine with NORMAL eye drops…..

  19. To anyone who is having trouble with a diagnosis and has Acne Rosacea- there is an eye condition called Ocular Rosacea. I have been chasing an eye diagnosis for months. Look into it.

  20. I use these drops evrytime I get trash in my eyes or milded welding burn. I got the drop originally for a piece of metal stuck in my eye but I have never used for more than a couple of days at a time once or twice a day. Luv this stuff, Just keep in fridge a doesn’t burn a bad and may fog up for a minute than just pure relief. I want more! Sorry guys but that’s my view on the matter

  21. These doctors out here are idiots why would they see these reactions and inform a patient to continue with it. Thatz why I check every med im prescribed out on the web cuz u never know.. i used these eyedrops (theyre my moms) bad idea as soon as I used them I got a strange taste down the back of my throat and it felt like I was being strangled a little very weird I would never try those again I dont care how bad my eyes itch

  22. I too am using the prednislone acetate. I have an inflammation in the rear of my eye on the retina. The doctor gave me this drug and said to use it four times a day as well as a second drug, Acular (ketorolac tromethamine) a Non Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drug, to take two time a day. When I asked what caused the inflammation he replied that he didn’t know.

    I thought, well, what the heck, how bad can a few eye drops be? When I looked up the drugs on the Internet and saw the possible bad side effects they can have, I have to question why doctors can prescribe drugs that treat the symptoms when they don’t have any idea of the cause. In my case, it appears that is what they are doing.

    Theoretically, this “guessing” at treatment nonsense could go on forever. The drugs prescribed may just be covering up something that is serious with a temporary fix . . . like putting Bondo (a metal filler) over a rusty patch in a car door. It looks like new agan . . . until the rust continues to develop under the coat of Bondo. You end up with a worse mess than before.

    Anyway, that will be the first question I will ask when I see the doctor again next week. I don’t think I will accept the answer, “We don’t know what you have but this stuff works.”

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